Spring Performance Info

2019 Spring Performance


Fairfax Christian School, VA

Dear Cast Members and Families,

Participation in performances is a significant commitment for dancers, families, and staff.  A great deal of effort goes into creating these productions.  By committing to participate in performances, dancers and their families are making a commitment to:    

Performances Dancers are expected to be available for every performance date but may not perform in all of them.  

May 18th @ 1pm & 6:45

May 19th @ 1pm & 6:45

Rehearsals Dancers are expected to attend all relevant rehearsals.  If you have a conflict that you cannot avoid please contact nadya immediately 

Schedule The schedule for performance rehearsals will be available in the studio and will be emailed to families. Rehearsals may need to be added or removed over time.  Please watch your email carefully for any updates. As well as pay attention to the band any additional questions can also be addressed on BAND for those who don’t have a BAND login connect here 

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Attendance Attendance is mandatory and will be recorded.  Missed rehearsals may lead to reassignments.  Excused absences are limited to dancer illness, death in the family, and absences approved by Conservatory Ballet faculty.  Dancers who are injured or have a mild, non-contagious illness must come to rehearsals to participate in placement. 

Costume Maintenance/Stage Fee - $160.00 Unlike many schools, the Conservatory Ballet provides exquisite costumes for student dancers, rather than requiring each dancer to purchase his or her own costume for each role.  However, these costumes must be cleaned, repaired, and replaced over time.  New costumes are continually added to the production’s wardrobe.  Therefore, the Conservatory Ballet charges a stage/costume maintenance fee to cover these costs.

Dancer supplies Dancers are expected to have certain personal items for performances.  Parents are responsible for purchasing these items.  Most will be available in the Conservatory Shoppe, but plan ahead to avoid last minute shortages.


◦ Ballet pink tights and a spare pair

◦ Pink ballet shoes, clean, with elastics and ribbons sewn on

◦ Dance briefs (or other appropriate undergarments as specified for your roles)

◦ Hair supplies (brush, comb, hairpins, hair elastics, hairnets, gel, hairspray, etc.)

◦ Makeup (labeled black mascara and one of the following lipsticks -  L'Oreal #250 - Make Me Blush, L'Oreal #766 - Plum Explosion or Revlon #520 - Wine With Everything) 

Here are some examples https://www.pinterest.com/missmarydance/stage-makeup/


◦ White, cotton tights (with elastics for those over 10).

◦ Black ballet shoes with white elastics.

◦ 10 years and under: white, snug-fitting underwear; over 10 years: dance belt

Missing supplies  If dancers arrive at performances without necessary items and the Conservatory provides them, the dancer’s account will be billed appropriately.

Click here to register your child in the 2019 Spring Gala Performances and then print and complete the Commitment form.

To participate in Spring Gala the Commitment Form must be filled out, and Costume Maintenance Fee paid.